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Παρασκευή 23 Σεπτεμβρίου 2016



This article is taken from The Duran website.  Alexander Mercourios is the editor.  I believe it is a news organization based in England.  It apparently is a group that is trying to filter out the propaganda between the East and the West in search of the truth.  Its purpose is to bring about the reconciliation of peoples who have different political agendas and not the welfare of the peoples of the world. It is a good read for those of us in the West should take into consideration.

 +Fr. Constantine J. Simones, Waterford, CT, USA. Sept. 23, 2016.

            “It has become incumbent upon me as a lover of peace and understanding, and as an opponent of the lies that often plague our public discourse, to write to you the following:

            In many countries of your region, the news media message which is being embraced throughout the world—from America to the Far East, from the Middle East to Southern Europe, from Latin America to Africa—is being slandered and misrepresented.  I do not claim for a moment that the news media are in anyway a monolithic bloc.  The opposite is true.  This itself is part of the appeal of the news media.

            This news media and opinion organizations speak for themselves, and  speak against a rotten status quo that have for too long censored free speech, free thought, and the freedom of conscience in the West.  I speak therefore not on behalf of the news media as a whole (as such a thing would be dishonest and realistically impossible) but instead in order to address the issue that Russia is threatening to hurt you, Russia seeks to hurt you or that Russia will hurt you.

            Russia is a proud country, a vast country, a powerful country, a culturally and academically rich country.  Many of your countries could be the same, but it is your governments which are strangling your people, retarding your progress, and serving as an obstacle for your national improvement.

            Russia exists as a stable bulwark of statehood.  It does not exist as an ideology, as one with the greedy territorial ambitions. She is a country that is happy with herself, though one understandably frustrated with the provocations made against her and the mistruths said about her.   It is not only unfair for your governments and media to cast Russia in this light, but it is a crime to destroy the minds of the young generation so that it too cannot engage in friendly if not fraternal relations with the Russian people who are your friends and in some cases your neighbors.


            The idea that the Great Northern War is suddenly going to resume again is fanciful. Yes, you lost your territory in the early 18th century, a time of which no one living in the Nordic countries has a personal historical memory.  Such wars are not going to be repeated in some act of vengeance, not least because Russia won those wars.  Instead of teaching your young children that Russia is barbaric, you should be teaching good global relations and cultural understanding, in the way your countries are famous for doing about places located on the opposite side of the world.


            It is not Russia which had made the gap between wages and purchasing power bloat itself to tragic levels.  It is not Russia that has taken away job opportunities, forcing young people to seek emigration upon graduation.  It is not Russia which has put foreign weapons on your soil, often asking you to foot the bill.  Russia is your neighbor, a country with a shared history and a country that is open for business.  It is your national and European politicians who are lining their pockets at your expense while Russia looks for and finds economic opportunities elsewhere.


            Napoleon is dead, so is Pitsudski, and so is Stalin.  Russia is not looking towards you in any aggressive way.  She is currently hardly looking to you even for business since you have decided to lump yourselves in with Western European countries like Britain, a state whose current government uses you to twist the arm of Brussels, only to spit in your face a moment later.

            In Britain good minded, hardworking Poles are being murdered, beaten and spat upon in the streets by illiterate thugs, while the government completely ignores their plight.  This isn’t happening to good minded Poles in Russia.  Is this dignity?  Is it dignity for NATO troops to use your treasured land as the launching pad for a third world war? 

            Poles have suffered much in wars.  The people do not want another war, much like the Russian people.  Interestingly, who is it that is condemning the genocide of Poles by the Ukrainian insurgent army during the 1940s?  It is not you’re so called allies.  It is Russia.  And during the funeral of Leonid Brezhnev, the Funeral March of Poland’s most treasured composer—Chopin—was played; just decades after the works of Jewish composers were banned in Germany.  Are these the traits of an enemy?  I do implore you to consider all of this.
             Because of your status as geographical gatekeepers between the East and the West, you are at an advantage.  You have witnessed all of the horrors of the 1940s, and because of this many in Hungary and Slovakia are anti-communist to this day, yet not anti-Russian, while many in Germany remain nostalgic for the Marxist—Leninist government of DDR, and associate positively with Russia.

            The Czech government has remained skeptical of many of the antagonistic policies towards Russia of many of its neighbors while the Czechs remain loyal to socialist parties which would not have existed without the aid of the USSR after 1945.


            Many of you are more sympathetic to Russia than you are to your northern and northeastern fellow Europeans.  Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Cyprus have seen first- hand how Germanic domination has been economically stifling and how it is incompatible with your culture for any number of historical, climatic and geographical reasons.  Russia is happy to be your friend, and is moreover happy to be so without any rigid impositions of governmental dogmas.  It is the EU that has raped you of your dignity; Russia is willing to do business with you on mutually agreeable terms.


            What has NATO membership done for you?  Has it lifted you out of breath-taking poverty?  Has it satisfied the demands of your extreme factions? Has it ended corruption?  No it is done nothing for you.
                                    TO SERBIA:

            Has the European Union with its carrot and stick approach to negotiations with you been your friend, or does it see you as the next Greece?—a lamb to be slaughtered by a wolf.  I am speaking mainly to older generations who have a sense of history, and to younger generations who are more interconnected with each other than where their parents.  You have a chance to make history, you have a chance to make peace, and above all you have a chance to make sense. 

            Russia is not the enemy of Europe.  Because of a shared history and neighboring geography Russia—which is not and never will be politically part of Europe—can be, should be, and indeed wants to be your friend.  The enemies of your corrupt governments; the enemies are educators who act as propagandists rather than purveyors of knowledge;  your enemies are the international terrorists and extremists who threaten us all; your enemies are those in NATO selling you the promise of wealth of the biggest price imaginable.   

            I implore you to use your democracies to create a meaningful change to the corrupt narrative of politicians who don’t give a damn about your life or livelihood.  Your enemy is not Russia, and I hope that future generations will realize this and extend the olive branch of fraternity in a world where small European countries are being increasingly cut off from the burgeoning opportunities emanating from the wider world.”


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